Thompson Middle School

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Social Studies PBLs

6th grade --  A website about Medieval Times  -- A Prezi about medieval food -- Medieval Inventions  -- Mediveal Inventions part II -- Medieval Inventions part III -- Medieval Castles -- Medieval Castles part II -- Medieval Castles part III -- Website on Joan of Arc Part I -- Joan of Arc part II -- Medieval food -- Animoto on Medusa -- Medieval Weapon Animoto -- Arming a Medieval Knight -- Medieval Plays - Prezi -- Glog on Building a Castle -- Aniomoto on Castles -- Animoto on Gothic Cathedrals -- Medieval Sporting Events -- Medieval Beasts -- Animoto on Medieval Beasts -- Famous People in the Middle Ages Glog -- Famous People part II -- Medieval Weapons Prezi  --  Middle Ego   -- Middle Ego Part II  -- Middle Ego Website Part III

7th grade -- Revolutionary War in Middletown  -- Revolutionary War in Middletown   -- Song about Revolutionary War -- How We're All Related Animoto -- Colonel Tye, the first African American Loyalist Commander -- Website with interesting information on Revolutionary War -- Battle of Monmouth Prezi -- Revolutionary War in New Jersey -- Website on Middletown's Revolutionary War -- Video on Revolutionary War in Middletown -- Revolutionary War in Middletown

8th grade -- Civil Rights Newscast
Ruby Bridges Video created by student -- Newscast about President Truman and Civil Rights -- Video on MLK Jr "I Have a Dream" -- Little Rock 9 Animoto -- MLK Jr. Prezi

Science PBLs

Projects from Computer Classes    -- Tips for preventing teenage bullying. -- A Prezi for 5th graders about Thompson!  Includes reading your schedule and opening your locker!  -- Bullying -- A compilation of presentations our Thompson Tech Tutors have created!

Thompson Promos


Mr. Jacoves' 8th grade Science Class YouTube video